3 top ways to build a website prototype

Monochromatic, muffled colors distinguish this beautiful CRM dashboard wireframe from other prototypes. Learn about the functionality of this wireframe and build your own CRM tool that will outperform competitors. After creating a rough sketch you may go on to the next phase and create a mid- or high-fidelity prototype to deliver on screen. Perform usability tests before sending your wireframe to production. You’ll be surprised at how great ideas can be often found by people outside the team.

website prototype example

That’s fine, but the purpose of initial sketches is to explore the available space to highlight what’s possible—and, more importantly, what isn’t. Making it real – Before any prototypes are built, the product is completely conceptual! That’s fine for a little while, but eventually it must become something that stakeholders and users eventually understand and appreciate. A prototype is the first step in moving from conceptual to actual. A prototype is a tool for visualizing a smorgasbord of interactive design work; in effect, prototypes are an amalgamation of all the work that came before into a single, visible, functional piece.


If you follow the link and click on the image, you’ll launch the interactive prototype, where you can scroll through the webpage as if you’re visiting a real website. None of the buttons are clickable, but it provides a powerful-enough experience for users to understand the look and feel of the final product. As you can see, this prototype is far more detailed than the paper prototypes and more clearly delineates the user flow throughout the website. Although no brand colors are used, shading and other specific design elements are beginning to take shape to showcase the site’s functionality. Digital prototypes, which map out user flows using digital tools. Create clickable comps by adding hyperlinks, navigation, or functional components over high-fidelity designs.

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Low Fidelity Wireframe Example

At the first glance, the marketplace looks like an e-commerce site with the usual features such as product listings, search, etc. In the first row of the prototype we can see the numerous blocks that can be used either for text or to insert graphics. But to help you gather inspiration on what your wireframe should look like, we’ve compiled 30 wireframe examples.

website prototype example

You can help shoppers or prospective partners make the decision by including longer descriptions and visual blocks. High-quality, responsive ecommerce product website is one of the key elements of success for sales. This neat, uncluttered wireframe by Joseph Smith consists of desktop and mobile retail shop prototypes. If the customer wants adding a new section or functionality to your design, make a rough sketch of the landing page or a required block redesign. Offer several solutions as people like to choose to solve their problems by themselves. Prior to getting to complex design tools, make a simple sketch in any of the simple design programs.

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From teams list to tasks priority, calendar, messaging and projects, this solution includes everything needed for an agile team success. Visual hierarchy makes blocks with greater importance more noticeable, and the dashboard menu is convenient and comprehensive, including all control elements that users want to access. As teachers are increasingly using school websites to stay in contact with students, digital transformation for the education industry has become more important. Special sections on the school website contain information about all of their students and learning progress. Offering a selection of assets from Community to Downloads and Media resources, the website is aimed at actively engaging users with entertainment content.

website prototype example

Quickly grow your website to any size while keeping it performant and optimized for search engines. With the development of modern technologies, changes in educational processes are inevitable. Read on to find out how the digitalization of education prototype of a website is transforming the industry and what competences will be required in the future. As a rule, the developers analyze how the focus group participants behave with an interactive frontend using hot mapping and behavior capturing tools.

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Find this native, fully interactive picker component ready to be used out of the box in Proto.io’s iOS UI component library. Most commonly seen in the form of a date picker in iOS applications, it can be controlled either by swiping, or tapping to select an option. At this stage, it’s a great idea to make sure that the header and sections are shown https://globalcloudteam.com/ with the actual content they will be intended to hold. This will allow better selection for colors and images in later stages of the design. When doing an early prototype, we have to define them properly so that the whole design follows the grid structure. When we created the wireframe, we considered the grids – but they were hand drawn.

  • But wireframing is about preparing yourself and all good preparations require time.
  • This resulted in the problem that user feedback could only be applied at the very end of the process and caused significant changes at times.
  • The only way to develop a solution the users will enjoy is to fit their expectations and match their preferences.
  • High fidelity lends to user experience testing and allows stakeholders to focus on the end product.
  • Now that you are done with the connection, it is time to preview what you have done.
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Quickly and easily add links to any part of the design comp by using the Link Tool to draw hyperlink areas on the design canvas. Add interactions using states to simulate pop-ups, ligh boxes, carousels, tabbed panels, and much more. Understanding demographics and user needs provides the context necessary to create products geared toward providing for those particular user types and fulfilling their needs. Design visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice. The product will allow users to log in via ID, finger print, face recognition or voice, which might be useful when applying for payments or performing routine banking operations.

(mostly free) prototype templates for Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Framer, and more

Conducting tests will help identify hidden flaws both in cosmetics and functionality. Such faults may have a devastating effect on the product once it is deployed in mass. In a nutshell, testing will save the cost that would be incurred if errors go unnoticed to the final product.